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Tutorial 3Ds Max Cara Merender Suasana Malam Hari Dengan Vray

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OK langsung aja, untuk postingan kali ini, tak informasikan kepada anda semua bagaimana cara merender eksteriorDesain Fasad Eksterior Warnet Lebar 7,5 Meter. Read more ... » rumah pada saat suasana malam hari dengan vrayTutorial Mengoptimalkan Settingan Vray for Interior Rendering. Read more ... », hasilnya seperti gambar diatas. Perlu diketahui juga bahwa tutorialVideo Tutorial Pembuatan Rumah Modern Minimalis Dengan Program SkecthUp, Available Now..!!. Read more ... » ini di-peruntuk-kan bagi anda-anda kabeh yang sudah menguasai program 3Ds MaxTutorial Toolbar-Toolbar Pengatur Viewport pada 3Ds Max. Read more ... », karena penjelasan dalam tutorial ini di persingkat ben ora capek ngetiknya dan banyak makan tempat, jadi jangan salahkan daku jikalau dirimu radonk, he3x, selamat mengikuti tutorial berikut ini…

In this tutorial I will go through all the steps that we usually do when I’m asked to do an “exterior night-rendering”. In order to follow it you need to know the basics of 3ds max and vray
1) Natural light The first step is to choose a background image of a sky. For this tutorial I have used the image bellow

Now put the desired image into the environment slot (3d max’s environment slot, not in vray’s). In the vray settings, check global illumination, select lightcache for secondary bounces, irradiance map for primary (you could also use brute force, but it will take longer to render). In the global switches tab, make sure that “default lights” is unchecked.

Last but not least go to the vray environment slot and check “GI environment (skylight) override. In the slot right beside put a gradient (dark blue in the upper slot, a lighterLowongan Sebagai 3D Modeler, Lighter, Texture Artist, and Scripter at roomsalive™. Read more ... » blue in the middle and a pale orange or purple in the lower position)

2) Adding artificial lights inside As you notice, it is starting too look like a night rendering, but at the moment it lacks artificial lighting so the spaces look deserted.

We will begin by adding vray lights inside the house, to simulate artificial lighting. The important thing to keep in mind at this point is that artificial light can look different from one case to another depending on many factors (intensity, color temperature, size of the space that is actually lit, etc.) so you shouldn’t put a light source and instance it all over the place. Be creative and play with parameters like intensity multipliers, filter colors, etc. For this scene I have used spherical vray lights with intensity multipliers varying from 1 to 2, filter colors with orange, yellow and blue tints and different a radius for each one


If you hit another render you will end up with something very similar to the following.

3) Simulating artificial light “spreading” from inside Now we have light inside the house, but the light doesn’t seem to “come out” enough. Therefore we will place vray planar lights just in front of the windows, pointing towards the exterior, like in the following image


Hit another test rendering and you should have something similar to the render bellow:

4) Adding artificial lights in the courtyard We are getting closer. What doesn’t look right at the moment is the fact that the courtyard is too dark. Depending on your scene, you may have exterior lighting fixtures (like the lighting posts that I have in this scene), or even exterior spotlights that illuminate the building. If you don’t have specific instructions for these, you could place lights somewhere behind the camera, so that you give the impression that the space is receiving illumination from neighboring sources (street lights, car lights, or even other buildings).

In this particular scene, adding lights to the lighting small garden lighting posts should be enough. First I have assigned them a vraylight materialDownload Gratis Material Texture Pavage Ground. Read more ... » with a gradient map; than I have placed vray spherical lights over each one. For each vray light in the courtyard I have excluded the lighting post bellow it. This is kind of a fake, but in the end it looks right, and that’s all that matters. (If you want to do it more “accurate” check out the lampshade tutorial as well).


Hitting a test render at this stage you should obtain something like this:


5) PhotoshopCara Memasukan Objek Pohon Desain Eksterior dengan Photoshop Cs 5 [Video Demo]. Read more ... » touches a) Add a subtle glow effect to the visible artificial light sources (in this case, the small lighting posts). You can do this using the diffuse glow filter. b) In a new layer, add a linear gradient from bottom to somewhere at the middle from orange to transparent. Put the layer on “color” and play with the transparency until you like the result. If you are feeling creative, you can also try some subtle brush strokes, with different tints of red, yellow or orange to create diversity. After having done all of the above, here is the final image



Conclusion Rendering an exterior at night can be very tricky. The best approach in my opinion is to take it systematically by starting with natural light, and adding artificial lights one by one during the process. Otherwise, you may find yourself lost not knowing where you did something wrong. I can not stress enough how important is to have a few examples of professional architectural photography at hand and look at them at every stage of the process. Here are some general guidelines that I always keep in mind when I’m doing a night rendering:
1) Even at night time the skylight still casts a subtle shadow. 2) Never make the sky 100% black; it should have either a blue or a purple tint. 3) If there are no artificial lights on the ground, the sky will always be brighter and the ground would “borrow” a bluish or purple tint from the sky 4) The lighting is a mixture of dark purple/bluish tints at the upper part and orange/yellow on the ground and on the building(s). That is because the natural light blends with artificial light sources placed on the ground. 5) The colors are more saturated in a night rendering that in a daytime one. 6) Artificial light sources have a subtle glow around them. 7) If you have “moving objects” in your scene, don’t be afraid to use motion blur. If you know a bit about photography, you are aware that at night time photographers use high exposure times when they target architectural subjects; this causes all moving things around (cars, people, etc) to appear with motion blur. If you think that I have missed something, feel free to post a comment and let me know.
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