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Download Gratis HDR file di Penghujung Tahun 2011 dan Annual Rendering Competition

 Download Gratis HDR file di Penghujung Tahun 2011

Setelah beberapa waktu yang lalu sudah tak infokan gratisan berupa 3D Plants Models, Plugin and Free Scene maka sekarang tak infokan gratisan berupa file HDR dari Dutch Skies 360, file HDR ini nanti bisa anda gunakan untuk desain eksterior realistik anda, mungkin ada dari anda yang bertanya2 kenapa ya judulnya kok Download Gratis HDR file di Penghujung Tahun 2011? ada 2 alasan disini, yang pertama karena info ini berada pada bulan desember 2011 atau akhir tahun 2011 dan yang kedua, link download ini berlaku sampai tanggal 31 desember 2011, jadi, monggo langsung saja di download rasah banyak tanya, keburu linknya mati…, ok? berikut infonya

 Download Gratis HDR file di Penghujung Tahun 2011

Until 31 December, you can get two full HDR sets with sIBL data and 11K exposures! Plus: find out how you can win the complete Dutch Skies 360° collection!

Between now and 31 December 2011, you can download two full HDR sets from Bob Groothuis, the photographer behind the popular Dutch Skies 360° series. Each set includes an 8K spherical background, a 4K spherical HDR for reflections, a spherical lightmap and a reference document to link everything together using the popular sIBL system. You also get a sequence of 11K exposures for post-production work.

These sets work with any 3D package capable of reading HDR files, including 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, LightWave 3D and modo.

To celebrate the release of his newest DVD, Dutch Skies 360° Volume 4 , Bob is offering a prize selection including all four Dutch Skies 360° DVDs in his annual rendering competition . For your chance to win, all you need to do is create a render with the free HDR set created specially for the competition. The closing date is 31 January 2012.

As well as the Dutch Skies 360° collections, the winner will also receive a 360precision Atome panorama head, copies of PTGUI Pro, HDR Expose and Photomatix Pro, and more. Three runners-up will also receive prize packages; full details of what’s on offer and how to enter are on Bob’s website.

Enter the Dutch Skies 360° competition

Visit Bob Groothuis’ website

Find out more about Dutch Skies 360° HDRI sets

Your free downloads

Download Dutch Skies 360°/3D World Set no 8 (ZIP, 131.2MB)

Download Dutch Skies 360°/3D World Set no 9 (ZIP, 135.3MB)



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