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Lomba Desain Architecture Visualitation 3, CityLIFE

 Lomba Desain Architecture Visualitation, CityLIFE

Info baru bagi anda pecinta kompesitisi desain, lomba desain ini diadakah oleh mas ronen bekerman seorang cg architecture visualitation, lomba ini di bagi menjadi 3 kategori, yakni Still Image, 2D Concept Art atau Real Time, lomba ini di buka tanggal 15 september sampai 20 desember 2011, berikut informasinya
CityLIFE Begins!

The long awaited, third architectural visualization challenge, is here at last on a brand new site with an exciting and challenging theme – CityLIFE!

I’m happy to invite you all to join the new challenge on the new site and take part in the creation of amazing urban visualizations.

As with all new things, I’m sure we will have some growing pains until the system is clear, bugs are squashed and updates are introduced from time to time. This is the first version of the challenge site and I’ll keep making it better as we go along with the help of your feedback.

There are 3 categories to take part in :
1. Still Image
2. 2D Concept Art
3. Real Time
And for the first time, the Grand Award for the still image category has a RenderStream Computer Workstation (valued at $3,395) as part of the prize package and co-sponsored by Twinmotion.

Read all about it in the announcement post on my blog, which includes more information on the new site system too.

CityLIFE Duration

Spetember 15, 2011 – December 20, 2011


Honorable members of CityLIFE Challenge Jury are :
Gus Capote – Former Studio Manager at Neoscape, Spain.
Alex York – Founder & Creative Director at Ateilier York, United Kingdom. (Read Interview)
Robero De Rose – Studio Manager at State of Art Studio, Italy.
And Yours Truly :
Ronen Bekerman – Founder & Creative Director at Polyotwn, Israel.


Procedural, Twinmotion, DesignConnected, Chaosgroup, VBvisual, E-On Software, RenderNation, RenderStream, CGAxis, Exlevel, LAUBlab, XFrog, Next Limit, model+model, iToo Software, Wacom, VizPeople, ATI, ArtVPS, Solid Iris Technologies and MotivaCG.

That is all for now.
See you on the challenge site!

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