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Seeting Render Vray Otomatis dengan SolidRocks 0.85

Aku wingi dikirimi email karo subburb, memberitahukan bahwa SolidRocks 0.85 telah hadir, berikut isi emailnya dengan menggunakan bahasa jowo minimalist (boso inggris maksute, he3x), di translate dewe yo… ojo manja… (sakjane aku yo rodok mumet nek kon nranslate.., he3x)

Hi, SolidRocks demo user!

A new free demo version of SolidRocks is available (0.85a)
This new build is compatible with max2010 and Vray 1.5 SP3a AND Vray RT

Version Requirement:
Max 9 SP1 to 2009 and V-Ray RCx to 1.5 SP3

0.85a Demo is fully fonctionnal but limited to 720*480 pixels.
you can download it on SolidRocks website : http://solidrocks.subburb.com

What’s new in 0.85a ?
– Max 2010 compatible (you need to activate hardware shading in viewports to see realtime gamma changes)
– Vray 1.5 SP3/SP3a compatible (ambient occlusion handling)
– Vray RT compatible ! . SolidRocks and RT works well together 😉
– Less buttons and shorter window
– New render methods
– Basic/advanced GUI (adv.tools)
– Includes the QuickCreate toolbar for fast Vray object creation
– New and less presets : better and cleaner renderings
– Better glossies interpolation (if desired)
– New “Perfect Caustics” option for realistic&sharp caustics

improvements :
– Separated reflect/refract interpolations for best comfort
– draft, Preview and Minipreview are 150% faster
– now keeps the render panel open/closed when SR is launched/closed
– no more flashing DOS window at starting
– new bucket management for EXR savings compatibility
– added a new “select active cam” for best comfort
– quality buttons are replaced by a slider to gain some space
– Color of selected buttons in SR can be changed for best comfort (see SR configuration rollout)

bugs solved :
– far better glossies interpolation (when on). SR075 made some inversions. solved.
– black pixels/zones in sp3 was caused by “check sample visibility”, now it’s off. result are far better.
– max 2010 gamma handling is finished as far as I could. users need to activate manually the hardware render to see gamma changes in viewports.

I tried to answer to all wishes/bug chase/remarks you’ve all made..
Thanks to all private beta testers for their unvaluable help !!

As always, have fun with SolidRocks !!

Best regards,

Jerome Prevost – Subburb
SolidRocks Admin.

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  1. apakah btuh vray RT ?

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