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Free Download HDR Dutch Skies 360° with Help Files

Free Download HDR Dutch Skies 360° with Help Files

Info baru lagi untuk anda yang ingin memiliki file HDR yag bisa anda gunakan untuk background render desain 3d anda agar kelihatan lebih realistik, monggo langsung aja disikat, berikut deskripsinya :

Between now and 1 July 2011, you can download a full HDR set from Bob Groothuis, the photographer behind the popular Dutch Skies 360° series. The set includes an 8K spherical background, a 4K spherical HDR for reflections, a spherical lightmap and a reference document to link everything together using the popular sIBL system. You also get a sequence of 11K exposures for post-production work and a selection of background plates.

Like other sIBL sets, this set works with any 3D package capable of reading HDR files, including 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, LightWave and modo.

Visit Bob’s website and online store for more information and HDR panoramas, including more details on his upcoming Dutch Light 360° series.

Visit Bob Groothuis
Find out more about Dutch Skies 360° HDRI sets
Find out more about Dutch Light 360° HDRI sets

Your free HDR set

Download the free Dutch Skies 360° HDR set (158.1MB)

HDR help for Vue and Carrara

The sIBL system for organising HDR assets supports many major 3D packages, including 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, LightWave 3D and modo, but it’s still possible to use the assets in other packages. To tie in with 3D World 144′s feature on making and using HDR images, here are help files for artists using Carrara and Vue.

Using sIBL with Carrara

Mike Lowery offers tips and advice for integrating an sIBL set with Carrara. Download Carrara tips (116K)

Using sIBL with Vue

Cirstyn Bech-Yagher offers a sample Vue scene file showing how to set up an sIBL set inside Vue. Swee her feature in 3D World 144 for notes on using sIBL in Vue. Download Vue scene file (21MB)

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