Plugin Untuk Mengimpor Model SKetch Up ke 3Ds Max

Plugin Untuk Mengimpor Model SKetch Up ke 3Ds Max

Berikut ini kami infokan kepada anda-anda kabeh sebuah plugin yang berguna untuk Mengimpor Model Google SKetch Up ke Program 3Ds Max hanya dengan mak nyuk langsung jadi… , tapi sayangnya plugin ini ternyata tidak gratis alias harus bayar, bagi anda yang duitnya turah-turah, monggo di beli aja, sedang yang gak punya duit uakeh [koyo sek lagi mbaca iki, he3x] jangan kwatir tersedia versi trial-nya, plugin ini di keluarkan oleh Simlab Soft sebuah situs penyedia software-software yang berkaitan dengan program 3D, Berikut deskripsinya

Add Artistic touch to your SketchUp models

Use SimLab SketchUp Importer for 3DS Max, to add the artistic touch to your SketchUp models in 3DS Max powerful environment. Assign advanced materials, add 3DS objects, and Create high quality renders.

Extend the power of 3DS Max

Get access to a great variety of free high quality SketchUp models, available in the 3D Warehouse, and use them to complete your 3DS Max scenes

High Quality and Great price

SimLab Soft works hard to insure the highest quality of its 3D products and plug-ins, but do not take our word for it, try the plug-in and make sure that it is able to handle your large models. The price for the commercial license of the plug-in is $95, we believe this is a great price for adding SketchUp support to your 3DS Max environment.
Supported platforms

The plug-in supports 3DS Max 2009, 2010 and 2011 (both 32 and 64 bit versions).

The plugin supports importing models from SketchUp 8 and prior

download versi trila click here


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