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SolidRocks 0.98 is out ! and Free Video Demo

SolidRocks 0.98 is out ! and Free Video Demo

Bagi anda yang menggunakan Solidrock sebagai auto render vray maka ada info baru bagi anda.. telah keluar SolidRock versi 0.98 yang dapat digunakan untuk vray versi 2, terdapat pula video demo penggunaan solidrock versi 0.98 untuk vray versi 2, [btw opo to kui solidrock? apa sejenis makanan ringan, bahan bangunan, atau merek sepatu ya? he3x, pengen tahu? lihat artikel sebelumnya…, he3x,] berikut adalah informasi apa yang baru dari solidrock 0.98 dan apa saja kelebihan-kelebihannya..

I’m pleased to announce the release of SolidRocks v0.98.

This build is compatible with Vray 2.0, and includes the brand new FlyWiz tool, a fully automated flythrough animation assistant, for free. Now prepare your flythrough renders with a few clicks, and let FlyWiz do the job for you ! (Watch demo video here !)

note : This tool will be included in the forthcoming AnimPack, wich will be an optional extra for the upcoming SolidRocks v1.0.

Buy now and Save 50% !

If you purchase SolidRocks 0.98 now, you’ll save 50% on the v1.0 price as well as receive a free upgrade to 1.x + animation tools (AnimPack) upon release.

Note : for existing SolidRocks customers this is a free upgrade and can be downloaded from the SolidRocks customer zone (private forum).

What’s new in this build ?

– Dynamic ram management
– Compatible with SigerShaders
– LC retrace corners management (Vray2)
– New Vray2 special presets
– More infos here : http://solidrocks.subburb.com

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