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RailClone Pro 1.1.2 Beta Is Released Adds Max 2012 Support And VRay Improvements

RailClone Pro 1.1.2 Beta Is Released Adds Max 2012 Support And VRay Improvements

RailClone Pro 1.1.2b

– Added Max 2012 support


– Improved performance and reduced memory footprint for very large objects. The geometry is generated dynamically inside the camera frustrum, allowing you to render complex objects over splines as long as kilometers
– The use of render instances has been optimized, using them in Corners and Evenly positions over straight segment paths
– Proxy file search now works properly on network render
– Proxies are aligned correctly when using Geometry->Flip

RailClone Pro 1.1.0b

New features:

– CPU Multi-core support. Global performance have been improved

– Proxies and high-poly meshes support for VRay:
* Lets you to render huge number of high-poly objects using minimal resource
* Proxies and objects are converted on the fly to native render instances

– Mapping Coordinates (Randomness rollout)
* Avoid texture tiling, applying box mapping to the Segments along the path

– New “Display” rollout:
* Configurable “Boxes” mode for Viewport and Render
* Adaptative mode. Use “Boxes” mode on viewport if the number of faces specified is exceeded
* “Boxes” display mode is more accurate respect to the full geometry
* Render mode: Automatic mode uses native instances for VRay or Mental Ray. Meshes mode creates a unique mesh for the geometry
* Build button and Max.Faces and Max.Segments parameters have been moved from the General rollout here


– Fixed geometric issues when applying both random rotation and scale
– Bevel works properly on splines with collinear vertices
– Geometry->Copy From/To works properly on RailClone objects with modifiers
– Fixed minor Library Browser issues

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